Sreechithran cheated… apologies to Kalesh, general public: Deepa Nishanth

Thrissur Kerala Varma College teacher Deepa Nishanth has said that she had published youth poet S Kalesh’s poem under her name because cultural actvisit Sree Chithran had misled her. “It was Sree Chihtran who cheated me by handing over the poem after convincing me that it was written by him. I couldn’t show the alertness I should have shown as a teacher and writer. I am apologising to Kalesh and the general public for this mistake,” she told a private channel on Wednesday.

Deepa said that when the poem triggered controversies, Sree Chithran misled me by saying the lie that it was Kalesh who had stolen his poem. “Now it stands proved that how far a man can tell lies. I didn’t publish the poem to earn name for me as a poet. What happened was a big mistake. In the matter, I apologise to all,” she added. Meanwhile, Sree Chithran responded that he would correct his mistakes and move on. “In this case, I’m not ready for any public reaction or more controversies,” she added.

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