Police files case against Imam Shafiq Al Qassimi for sexually assaulting 14-year old girl

Many witnesses have now come forward to reveal shocking details of the incident, more than a week after an Imam from Kallegedly sexually assaulted a 15-yr-old girl in Thiruvananthapuram, several times. The accused Shafiq Al Qassimi, Chief Imam of the Tholicode Muslim Mosque and a member of the Kerala Imams Council, was alleged to have enticed a minor girl to an isolated forest in Vithura, where he sexually assaulted her.

The Imam was caught by a group of women workers who had been in the area and they had confirmed to many channels that the Imam had brought the child to the forest.

Following this, separate investigations were launched by members of the Tholicode Muslim Mosque and the Centre for Film Gender and Culture Studies, a Thiruvananthapuram-based group working for gender juctice and child rights. The police have filed a case against the Imam.

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