Arif’s win at Alappuzha fitting reply to Congress leadership: Vellappally Natesan

SNDP Yogam general secretary Vellappally Natesan has stated that Arif’s victory at Alappuzha is a fitting reply to anti-Ezhava stand of Congress leaders.

“Community members have given reply to Congress leaders who follow ant-SNDP stand. Arif’s majority at Cherthala constituency is proof for this. The defeat of prominent leaders of the state ruling party is a devastating setback. The statement of CPM state secretary that promises to resolve the reasons for defeat is welcoming. The left front should understand the reality that if the backward communities are not kept close, they will lose their footing”, Natesan said.

“The minorities have made a lot of efforts to keep Modi off the power. Their campaigns have increased the vote share of UDF. The minorities had helped LDF in the Assembly election. However, this strategy didn’t work out at the center. Modi-Shah partnership managed this election really well”, Vellappally Natesan added.

Natesan said that the two things he said during election time proved to be true. First being Ariff’s victory at Alappuzha and second about BJP gaining an absolute majority at the center. Vellappally had earlier said that he will tonsure his head if Ariff loses at Alappuzha.

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