Dalit activist Raghu Eraviperoor arrested for seeking donations of inner wears for women in flood relief camp in Thiruvalla

A social worker was arrested for putting up a post on his Facebook page seeking donations of inner wears for women who are put up at flood relief camps in Thiruvalla. The arrest was carried out based on the complaint lodged by Thiruvalla woman Corporation councillor. The arrested social worker is Dalit activist Raghu Eraviperoor.

The complaint against Raghu is that he tried to humiliate all women in the camp. Meanwhile, Raghu said that he didn’t have any bad intention while putting up the controversial post.

“I don’t know what I have done to outrage the modesty of woman. The complaint was a councillor known to me since the time of the last year’s flood. I and my wife had gone to the camp. It was my wife’s friend who said there was shortage of inner wears for women. And it was after this I made that FB post,” Raghu clarified.

Raghu is a social activist who actively interfered in the issues related to Adivasi people. Police arrested him and let him off on bail on Sunday. Raghu said he was not going after the case for the time being as some people affetced by floods are in need of his help. He would follow up the case after that.


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