CP Sugathan ‘paper tiger’; Nothing will happen if one Sugathan goes says Vellappally Natesan

SNDP yogam general secretary Vellappally Natesan came to the fore against the decision of the Hindu Parliament to withdraw from Navodhana Moolya Samrakshana Samithi formed with government’s blessings for the protection of renaissance values in the continuation of Sabarimala women entry controversy. Nothing will happen if one Sugathan goes and will go forward with Navodhana Panel. Will go to any level for the protection of renaissance values. The renaissance panel was not targeting Hindu unity, he added.

Vellappally criticized C P Sugathan, state general secretary of Hindu Parliament and vice chairman of Navodhana panel, who informed his decision to withdraw from the panel, in harsh language. Vellappally called Sugathan ‘paper tiger’ and said that he has parliamentary ambitions. Nothing will happen if one Sugathan goes. The panel will proceed with greater force, he added. The SNDP Yogam has no political stands. Criticisms are showered as there is no stand in the name of politics, he said.

The Hindu Parliament announced yesterday that they are withdrawing from the Navodhana Panel. Hindu Parliament is the central body of 94 Hindu organizations. The circular sent to the member organizations said for any community, members of the Hindu Parliament, even though they are withdrawing and by their own decision can remain in the renaissance panel without any obstacles. However, Sugathan’s decision was personal and it will not affect further functioning of the Navodhana Moolya Samrakshana Panel, said convener Punnala Sreekumar.

Representatives of 90 organisations representing Hindu Parliament had attended the formation of Navodhana Moolya Samrakshana Samithi. The new circular has not ridiculed government stand in connection with Navodhana Moolya Samrakshan Samithi. Convenor Punnala Sreekumar was indirectly criticised. Sugathan’s exit was of no consequence to the samithi and was linked more to his opposition to Punnala Sreekumar, the samiti convener.


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