One who did the crime should be punished, says Jolly’s son Romo; Our quest for truth has succeeded, says Roy’s sister Ranji

Let the truth come out, says Ranji, the sister of Roy-one among the victims of the Koodathayi serial murders. Ranji said that she didn’t tried to harass anyone and wanted to know about the mystery behind the deaths.

“Crime Branch investigation is progressing well. The truth will come out. Our quest for truth has succeeded. Other things don’t matter. I thank the investigating officers. Me and my brother fought this alone. We didn’t get any support from our family. Not blaming anyone. The truth will be revealed even if it has taken 27 years. I never thought that my parents’ death was a murder. But the post-mortem report and my experiences made me think again. The truth that came out was unbearable. Many said that this was a play to get the assets. But it’s not necessary. Children of anyone will get an equal share of their parents’ assets”, Ranji told media.

Jolly’s son Romo said that the one who did the crime should be punished. “Not blaming anyone. Let the truth come out and may truth and justice prevail”, Romo added.

Romo made serious allegations against Jolly’s second husband Shaju Scaria. Romo denied the claims that his father Roy was an alcoholic and experienced mental crisis. He also refuted Shaju’s statement that Roy and Jolly used to fight.

“How can a person who never even travelled with my father say that he is an alcoholic? As a stepfather, he never gave us any recognitions. He never intervened in me and my brother’s matters. We accepted him as a stepfather because we thought he’ll protect our mother”, Romo said.

“This is an attempt made by Shaju to portray that he is clean. As some items have been shifted from the house, it should be suspected that key evidence are moved. Shaju is trying to cover his mistakes. I don’t think that my mother alone can do all this. There were no situations to suspect mother as she used to manage everything well. Shaju went to watch cinema when the Crime Branch took mother for interrogation. I have suspicions that my stepfather is involved in the murders”, Romo alleged.

“The day before his death, my father Roy talked to me. He jokingly asked his brother where he is having a fake sleep. Next day while I woke up I found that my father was dead. Ours used to be a peaceful family”, Romo said.

Six members of a family in Koodathayi died in a similar manner in a span of 14 years between 2002 and 2016. Brother of deceased Roy lodged a petition citing the abnormal nature of deaths. In the investigation that followed, it was found that Roy’s wife Jolly is behind the murders.


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