’s English site is set to expand. We need business partners is an innovative online portal with unique specialties of its own. Team Newsgil is a Company registered under the Companies Act led by a group of young and dynamic media activists who are working in different arena. We are committed for strong and fearless journalism, which can have genuine impact on the social platform.

We are sad to realize that the real spirit of Journalism has been lost in the decade we are living. It has been replaced by paid news and influential roles played by “Super Powers” in Media. We are about to make it clear that, we are not about to be moved by any force, power or influence. We stand for the real spirit of the news, which all will be supported by real and solid evidences. The Reporter will be free to move around and find the news and he ought not to reveal the source, from where the news got generated. We will be moved by the Secular power to generate the Real News, with a Difference.

We definitely believe in the power of the Media and the role it has to do for social interference. Team has welcome you all to join hands together so as to make feel the real spirit and power of Journalism.’s English website is set to expand. We need business partners who are interested in working with us

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