Thiruvananthapuram customs superintendent B Radhakrishnan held in gold smuggling case

Customs superintendent B Radhakrishnan, one of the main accused in the gold smuggling case in Thiruvananthapuram has been arrested. The police arrested him from the CBI office in Kochi. There was an order for preventive custody as per the directive of directorate of revenue intelligence against the accused including Radhakrishnan. Soon after that, co-ordinator of violinist Balabhaskar Prakash Thampy, Serina Shaji and advocate Biju were in Poojapura Central jail.

Vishnu Somasundaram and B Radhakrishnan went underground soon after the order came. The CBI registered a case on the role of Radhakrishnan and stuck a notice at his house. He was arrested as per the order of preventive custody while he was coming to appear for interrogation at the CBI office in Kochi. He will be brought to Poojapura Central Jail.

Radhakrishnan will not be able to get out of the jail for a year as he has been arrested under a detention order. He had tried to avoid preventive custody while he was underground. The CBI registered the case in between this. The notice of the CBI had asked him to appear for interrogation or else mentioned that an arrest warrant will be issued. As it was issued, he decided to appear. In a dramatic move, the police arrested him.

With the arrest of Radhakrishnan, the investigating agencies believe that details including the financial dealings of Balabhaskar with the accused in the gold smuggling case will be obtained. Not only that Vishnu Somasundaram told DRI that it was Balabhaskar who introduced him to Radhakrishnan.


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